Fields of Work


I’ve been collaborating with national and international marketing agencies and marketing departments in different companies for years. 

These direct collaborations have allowed me to get to know my way around sector terminology and different translation methods according to the message’s purpose. Advertising translation, creative translation, adaptation and localisation of content.

 I’m passionate about transferring original messages and the emotions they arouse through words.

Types of texts: adverts, websites, newsletters, articles for specialised magazines or blogs, brochures and presentations, among other translatable content.


This is a fast-paced world where language also changes at breakneck speed. Now more than ever, thanks to globalisation, sales aren’t limited to shops, but a large part of the market is online, thus communicating in the language of the visitors is crucial to maximize sales and translating the content of a website or social media pages creates proximity to the intended audience. 

In a “traditional” shop, shop assistants are responsible for receiving the customer; in an online shop, this role is taken over by written information, preferably a translation into the visitor’s language.

It will be words, associated to product images, that will attract the customer’s attention and lead them to buy your products or purchase your services.

Types of texts: product catalogues, websites, product descriptions, fashion articles and brochures.


Travelling starts long before reaching our destination. The journey begins from the moment we start to think about possible travel spots. 

The importance of words also plays a fundamental role here and, again, words associated to images can lead us to choose one destination over another. The right translation is equally as important to replicate the intention of the source language. 

The right terms must not only attract the reader’s attention, but also arouse a series of emotions that will bring sounds, smells, landscapes and colours to mind. 

Types of texts: guides, websites, documents for hotels, advertising materials and presentations.


From a restaurant menu to a product’s nutritional information, from recipes to a wine label or more complex texts on nutrition. 

Throughout the years I have become more and more immersed in this sector: I’ve focused on texts about food, in order to discover the value of each nutrient and the characteristics of each product. 

Although food is perceived through taste, without words its properties and qualities would remain a mystery. Good translations play a vital role in this area and providing the client with detailed information in a language they are comfortable with is an extremely valuable asset.

Types of texts: labels, documents for restaurants, recipes, articles for specialised food and nutrition magazines.


Assisted reproduction has become one of my specialisations thanks to my collaboration with one of the leading clinics in Spain.

This sector is obviously full of medical terms, but emotions are what’s really important. This is why it’s essential that the translator knows exactly when to provide a literal translation (in a medical record, for example) and when to use language that respects the patients’ feelings.

Types of texts: websites, service presentations and descriptions, medical records, internal communications, newsletters, scientific articles and blogs.


I’ve always felt particularly attracted to music and literature, and I continued this trend throughout my studies. 

On the one hand, my years at the Conservatory and studying Italian and foreign literature, and on the other hand, my studies at university (Spanish literature, subjects on translation and literary genres).

Additionally, my knowledge about translation techniques and the linguistic particularities of my working languages have helped me when working on translations where creativity is key. A translator is like a musician: they interpret the words and reproduce them with their instrument, their language.

Types of texts: specialised articles, book presentations, linguistic or literary texts, book reviews.

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